What is Karma?

Karma is the totality of your experiences in this and other lives.

Karma is a magnet attracting the same thing to you over and over again.

Karma affects everyone and everything.

It holds us in these patterns of insanity, of distancing ourselves from the love or next level we so deeply crave. It’s what is blocking you from allowing more love and more success into all areas of your life.

Meet Leila Laura

Leila Laura supports powerful single, divorced and married people who are looking for more love in their lives. She leads them to a higher level of soul success, which is different for each person.

Love is always the key to soul success, so whether you are looking for more romantic love, peace, healing, or help solving past trauma, healing your karma is the path.

​Leila has had a difficult journey, both in life and in love. From being raised in trauma to living in homelessness just a few short years ago, Leila invested in her own personal Soul Elevation journey which has brought her to the beautiful and successful business, life, and marriage she enjoys today.